Bad Traits Gone Good (Redemption)

Bad Traits Gone Good (Redemption)

You may have seen my posts 'Good Traits Gone Bad'. This works well for writers who want to send good characters to the dark side or create twist villains.

To counter the previous post, I wanted to write some bad traits turned good. This can work for redemption arcs, or just for writing morally grey characters.




A coward character’s extreme caution might come in handy. Their prudence might save the protagonist from making a huge mistake.



A character might seem annoyingly stubborn at first, but their steadfastness may make them unwaveringly loyal.



An envious character might learn to use other people's achievements as fuel for their own ambitions, leading to them achieving a lot.



An indecisive character might be open-minded, always considering multiple perspectives.


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Nobody likes liars, but their duplicity might come in handy when the characters need someone manipulative or diplomatic to charm the enemy.



Maybe this character usually takes rash decisions without thinking it through, annoying their friends. But being quick-to-action can come in handy in an emergency.



They’re usually criticised for being a cynic, but they’re cautious and hard to fool.


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