"All of the School of Plot workbooks are phenomenal and are worth their weight in gold (plus the multi-buy discount is an absolute steal!)"

Alex, UK

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Your Secret Weapon Against Writer's Block

  • Time-Saving Reference Sheets

    Spend your precious free time writing instead of researching with ready-made reference sheets.

  • Deep, Gritty Questions

    Dive into the gritty questions to explore your idea from angles you may never have considered.

  • Structured Guidance

    They're not just a bunch of empty sheets for you to fill in. They're packed with advice, tips, and exercises.

Trusted by the Writing Community

No more staring at a blank page. Join writers like you who turned their writing dreams into results like these...

  • "These workbooks took my story idea from a Pinterest board to a finished draft."

    - Tinaeshe, UK
  • "It took my book from generic to exciting without losing my unique style."

    - Eva, Denmark
  • "They're so in depth and well planned out that I really feel I could be an author"

    - Shannan, UK

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You can! You can use them unlimited times (for personal use), meaning you can use this for as many projects as you like.

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