Character Names Based on Water

Character Names Based on Water

Disclaimer: Many names have multiple origins, and multiple meanings. This list only contains the water-related meanings!

Having said that, although this list was made with thorough research, I relied on the internet for this research, and I'm aware that not everything online is reliable. If you spot something you think is an error, please do let me know in the comments so I can put an amendment.

You'll also find more ideas in the comments of this post!



Name Origin Meaning
Ægir Norse Sea/ocean giant
Indra Sanskrit Deity associated w/ storms
Marinus Latin Of the sea
Alford Old Eng. Old river ford
Gyatso Tibetan Ocean
Proteus Greek Early deity of sea / rivers
Nereus Greek Another early sea deity





Name Origin Meaning
Anahita Persian Name of water goddess
Vaihere Tahitian Water + beloved
Itsaso Basque Sea
Mar Spanish Sea
Cordelia Celtic Daughter of the sea
Varsha Sanskrit Rain
Iara Tupi Lady of the water
Aysu Turkish Moon + water

Unisex / Neutral

Name Origin Meaning
Deniz Turkish Sea
Morgan Welsh Sea-born / Of the sea
Baran Persian Rain
River English River
Kai Hawaiian Sea
Beck Old Eng. Brook / stream
Gale English Storm
Rayne English Alt. spelling of 'rain'




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