Fantasy Writing Prompts

Fantasy Writing Prompts

Pick a number from 1-5. Or you could roll a die. Whichever number you get, scroll down and pick the prompt that corresponds with it. Or...just enjoy all of them! 


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1. Cursed Prince

Every time the Prince uses his magic, it drains the life from the people near to him. The King relies on the Prince’s powers to wage his wars, so he makes a rule: every year, a peasant is chosen to be drained.

The prince drains the peasants with reluctance. One year, the peasant chosen strikes up a conversation with the Prince and they become close.
They decide things need to change.


2. Trouble For Witches

Being a witch is extremely frowned upon, so the wealthy send their magical daughters to a boarding school where they’re taught how to appear normal.
One witch doesn’t want to be normal. She rebels at every possible avenue to try and get herself expelled.

Then, when one of her friends goes missing, the young witch wants to investigate. The school is more sinister than she’d thought and she wants to get to the bottom of it.


3. Royal Wedding 

A Princess is set to marry the son/daughter of a wealthy family with ties to the city’s sketchy criminal underworld. Neither family is happy with this match, and they both do all they can to sabotage it. This includes assassinations, coups, and all sorts of magical hijinks.

The couple must manage (and survive) these sabotage attempts as well as planning their wedding.


4. Prince of Spades

The crown prince loves to gamble. He’s always seen in the city’s “bad” district where criminals hang out.

When his father is assassinated via magic, suspicion falls straight on the crown prince. After all, he has the most to gain, and he’s been spotted in some really shady areas. He could’ve hired a magical assassin.

With the help of his valet, the prince must prove his innocence and find the true killer.


5. Regency Drama But Make it Fae

A wealthy only child learns he’s a changeling. His true parents are faeries, and he was switched at birth with a wealthy human aristocrat’s son. He learns this fact at adulthood when his father passes away. This causes an inheritance dispute.

What follows is a comedy of errors with a cast of wacky relatives claiming the inheritance.

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