Good Traits Gone Bad

Good Traits Gone Bad

Let's take some good traits and take them to their worst possible conclusions, twisting them into something negative. This works well for writers who want to send good characters to the dark side or create twist villains.

You may also enjoy my post 'Bad Traits Gone Good' which can work for redemption arcs, or just for writing morally grey characters.




They value independence to the point where they shut others out and don’t accept help



Ruthlessness. They’ll do anything to get their goals, even stepping over their friends.



They make themselves a martyr, sacrificing their own well-being for others to the point of self-destruction.



They’re loyal to a fault, blindly following someone even if that person is cruel or wrong.



They become reckless. They take stupid risks and put their life in danger.



They’re stubborn, refusing to compromise, charging confidently down the wrong path.



They refuse to see reality. They’re in denial. This means they don’t take precautions, and sometimes they let their friends feel unheard.



They can be manipulative, using their social skills to trick & deceive to get their own way.



They stick so firmly to their pre-determined values that they’re inflexible, closed off to change, progress or new perspectives.



Their concern for your wellbeing crosses the line into prying & crossing boundaries.



Their patience frustrates people. They believe the bad will blow over, leading to passivity.



They’re arrogant, thinking everything they do is fabulous, even when they’re wrong.


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They constantly downplay their own worth and abilities to the point of self-deprecation.



Cunning. Instead of using intelligence for good, they use it for deceit, trickery and personal gain.

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