4 Hacks to Fix Boring Scenes

4 Hacks to Fix Boring Scenes

"Boring" is subjective, of course, but if you feel like your scene needs a boost, there are a few tricks you can try out. This guide shows you 4 quick switches you can make to add a lot more life to your scene.


1. Add Time Pressure

For example, perhaps the characters need to steal an item from a house, but they see the owner's car turning into the driveway. This means they need to get the job done before the owner parks their car and enters the house.


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2. Change the PoV

Why are we telling the scene from this specific character’s point of view? What new perspective / information could we gain from telling the scene from someone else's PoV?


3. Change the Weather

A weird little hack I’ve seen floating around the internet, but it works! Sometimes changing the weather in a scene can completely transform the way you write it. You can either choose to mirror the characters' emotions or you can create a sense of unease by contrasting the weather with what's happening.



4. Make Characters Multitask

Sometimes a scene feels boring because it’s just people talking in a room. If you feel like your scene could be more dynamic, give your characters something to do. Maybe they can talk while training for combat, cooking, packing, getting ready, playing chess — the options are endless! ⁺₊✧

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