My Favourite Reads of 2022

My Favourite Reads of 2022

With just a few more days left of 2022, I want to give some appreciation to the best books that I read this year. 

A lot of the books I read in 2022 are from a local used bookshop, so the choice is often limited. It pushes me to read books that are out of my comfort zone, so I can't complain. One of the shop's owners also gives me some quite outlandish recommendations which I enjoy very much (including a biography of a cross-dressing 18th-century comic actorMr Foote's Other Leg for anyone interested).

Here are the best books I read in 2022!


The Ladies of Grace Adieu: and Other Stories by Susanna Clarke 

This one is perfect for those who love magic but have been struggling to finish a fantasy novel. It's a collection of short stories, all written with an insane amount of skill. They're witty, imaginative, and so unique. 

I was hooked when I saw the blurb promised "petulant princesses, vengeful owls, ladies who pass their time embroidering terrible fates, [...] endless paths in deep, dark woods and houses that never appear the same way twice." The book absolutely delivers on these promises, and then some. (Link to buy)


The Princess Bride by William Goldman

I had actually started reading this book once before, with no success. Since the movie is so close to my heart, I decided to give it another go. Loved it.

It's a gorgeous, funny story about pirates and princesses. If you've seen the movie, I'll caution you that the book is very different - that's actually the reason I stopped reading it the first time. But it's beautiful in a different way, and I'd recommend it to anyone. (Link to buy)


Daemon Voices: On Stories and Storytelling Paperback by Philip Pullman

I'm not going to lie, I bought this book because it was pretty. The edges of the pages were painted black, and the cover was ruby red. I was right to judge this book by its cover because the content inside was equally beautiful.

Daemon Voices is a collection of essays by Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials), one of the best storytellers of our time. He talks about mastering the art of storytelling, as well as his own experiences with writing. You don't need to have read his novels to enjoy this book. (Link to buy)


Just Kids by Patti Smith

I'm very late to this one, but it's incredible. If you want a true story about poets, musicians, and artists in 1970s New York City, this book delivers. 

The way Patti Smith writes is so poetic yet accessible, and she paints a picture of NYC that's both gritty and dreamlike. It was amazing to be shown so many sides of a city I've never been to, in an era I haven't lived in. (Link to buy)


Eavesdropping on Jane Austen's England by Lesley Adkins

This book takes you through what life was actually like in England of Jane Austen's lifetime. Although that might sound boring, this book's got everything: ghosts, witches, highwaymen, and all sorts of fascinating social history.

I would especially recommend this one to anyone who's writing a story written in this era. I'm not, but I learned more about this time period than I now know what to do with! You can probably tell I loved Horrible Histories growing up. 😅 (Link to buy


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