Names Inspired by Spring

Names Inspired by Spring

 This is a list of names that have meanings related to springtime. Please note that a number of names will have multiple origins and may hold different meanings in different cultures.

I did my best to research these names, but as I'm relying on online sources, I know there's some room for error. If you spot any, don't feel shy about politely correcting me!

If you have the Character Workbook, refer to the section on NAMES for detailed advice on how to pick the perfect name.





Xylia Woodland Female
Jarek God of spring Male
Odeletta Little spring Female
Moriko Forest child Female
Florian Flowering Male
Pip From Phillip, but also means a little seedling of fruit Male
Alder Name of a tree Unisex
Sakura Cherry blossom Female
Pascal Related to/born on Easter Male
Midori Green Female
Linus Flax-coloured Male
Ambrose From the word “ambrosia” Male
Hayes Lives by brushwood / hedges Unisex
Hyacinth Name of a spring flower Female
Vernon Grove of alder trees Male
Bahar Spring Mainly F


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