Names That Mean Forest

Names That Mean Forest

This is a list of names that mean forest or other related words. Please note that a number of names will have multiple origins and may hold different meanings in different cultures. 

I did my best to research these names, but as I'm relying on online sources, I know there's some room for error. If you spot any, don't feel shy about politely correcting me!

If you have the Character Workbook, refer to the section on names for detailed advice! 



Names That Mean Forest 




Xylia Woodland Female
Keitha Forest Female
Silas Wood, forest Male
Moriko Forest child Female
Hayes Lives by brushwood / hedges Unisex
Vanadey Forest goddess Female
Calhoun From the narrow woods (surname, can be a given name) Male
Hensley Woodland clearing Unisex
Sylvan Of the forest Male
Sylvester Wooded, wild Male
Vedia Forest spirit Female
Faunus God of forests Male
Adoette Large tree Female
Maryweld Mary of the woods Female
Rinji Peaceful forest Male
Linwood Linden tree valley Surname




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