Words to Describe Pain (For Writers)

Words to Describe Pain (For Writers)

Not all pain feels the same (personally getting my wisdom teeth out was more manageable than the relentless hell of getting a paper cut between two fingers in that weird amphibian bit of skin) so here are some words to help add specificity.

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 Words to Describe Pain



Aching Dull, persistent, low
Stinging Sharp, piercing, like a small cut
Throbbing Pulsating, intense, like a migraine
Shooting Sudden, stabbing discomfort
Tingling Hot, tingling, like a nerve injury
Cramping Persistent, deep, like period pain
Radiating Pain that seems to spread
Sharp Acute, intense, and sudden
Numbing Loss of sensation almost, like frostbite
Gnawing Persistent, dull, and nagging
Searing Intensely hot or burning
Stabbing Sudden and sharp, like being stabbed
Electric Like a shock or jolt
Pressing A dull heavy constriction feeling


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