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Body Language Cheat Sheet

Don't just say "he's angry". Show us his grit teeth, his tightened jaw, and his puffed-up chest.

This reference tool helps with:

  • Body language cues
  • Facial expressions
  • Tone of voice

Plot Outline Template

Take the plot framework used by bestsellers like The Hunger Games. This pack helps you with:

  • Plot brainstorms
  • Messy middles
  • Giving structure to your ideas

This pack arrives in email #2.

I Want This!

Settings Cheat Sheet

This is your secret weapon to writing immersive settings.

  • Create settings that feel real
  • Immerse readers in your world
  • Write descriptively

This pack arrives in email #3.

Let's Go!

three cheat sheets

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That said, I really hope all three freebies are useful to you! They're useful for all genres.

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