Get Writing Feedback

This feedback report is intended to give you the opportunity to receive comments, observations, and critiques on your story.  


Will getting online feedback put my work at risk of plagiarism?

Not with School of Plot! You'll get a guarantee that your work will not be shared with anyone else, and your file will even be deleted from my computer once the feedback report has been delivered.


Do you have any limitations?

The story you send me should be in English, and up to 10,000 words. 


Can I send you more than 10,000 words?

I want to make sure that this is something you find helpful before you commit to anything bigger! Let's start with 10,000, and if you like my report then we can talk about doing more. 


What sort of questions should I ask you?

In addition to the report, I'll answer 10 questions about your story. You'll get detailed answers to each of them as well as a general report of my thoughts and feedback.

If you're unsure about what to ask, you can check out this blog post about feedback questions.


Will you edit my work?

This report aims to give an affordable option to writers who want high-quality feedback. 

Typical rates for editors tend to be over £200 for 10,000 words. This varies greatly based both on the level of skill, and the type of edit you're after, although a good, high-quality editor is absolutely worth the higher rates they charge. This report does not replace editing

You don’t need to hire an editor before submitting to agents and publishers, although some writers choose to do so. However, you should definitely consider working with an editor if you plan to self-publish. 


Is this going to hurt my feelings?

Noooo! Never! There's an option in the form you'll have to fill that lets you choose how gentle you want the feedback to be. If you're in a very early stage and only want to hear good things, that's okay! Whatever's helpful for you.


Can I just ask my friends for feedback?

You can, and you should! Sharing your work with friends is fun and often helpful. This feedback package is just for people who want more detailed feedback, as well as some tangible goals.