Sad Writing Prompts

Sad Writing Prompts

I know you guys like making your readers cry, so I thought I'd enable this pattern. If any of these ideas really resonate with you, you can fill in this free plot template and flesh it out into a short story (or novel! Or poem!). Please tag me if you publish it! I love reading your work.


Clockwork Heart

In a steampunk fantasy setting, a heartbroken lover has their heart replaced with a clockwork one to avoid future heartbreak. The procedure takes several visits. During this time, the lover and the clockwork mechanic bond and fall in love, but it’s too late. The heart is replaced!



Doomed Clairvoyant 

A character with the ability to see the future falls in love with a ‘chosen one’ warrior. Everyone expects the warrior to triumph, but the protagonist knows that the warrior must sacrifice their own life to save the kingdom.


Abandoned Town

A character explores an abandoned town. The occupants had to leave in a hurry 20 years ago, and it’s now overgrown with plantlife. Exploring a house, the character pieces together the story of an unhappy family via diaries, mixtapes, & stashed items.


Estranged Friends

Two childhood friends are on opposite sides of a war. One is sent to kill the other. As they’re breaking into the other person’s home, they spot the ball they used to play with as kids.


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Tragic Shape-Shifter

A shape-shifter has been alive for 500 years. They try not to shift, because each shift erases their memories. They have a partner and family. However, in a moment of danger, they have to choose between dying and shifting.


Deaf Composer

A virtuoso composer is slowly going deaf. Knowing they’ll lose their hearing, they set out to write one last symphony.

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