14 Toxic Habits To Give To Characters

14 Toxic Habits To Give To Characters

To give your characters some texture and make them feel more realistic, consider balancing their virtues with a sprinkle of toxicity. We all have slightly toxic or unhealthy habits here and there. It not only makes characters feel real but it gives them space to grow and develop, and presents organic challenges for them to push against.

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They’re constantly seeking approval from others, often at the expense of their own values or well-being.

Spreading Rumours

Frequently gossiping, potentially as a shortcut to connecting with people or gaining social clout.

Impulsive Spending Habits 

Making hasty and unplanned financial decisions, perhaps as a way to feel some control over their life.


Shutting down emotionally whenever something goes wrong instead of communicating openly.


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Sabotaging Relationships

Actively undermining or damaging their own relationships with loved ones, intentionally or unintentionally.

Sleep Procrastination

Deliberately delaying bedtime to feel control over something in their life. This ends up messing with their mood and productivity the next day.

Social Media Stalking

Obsessively monitoring others' online activities, such as their partner or ex


Frequently saying sorry, even when they don’t need to, often due to a lack of self-confidence or from being pushed around



Extreme Risk-Taking

Engaging in reckless behaviour, not only endangering themselves but sometimes even those around them.


Always feeling the need to take on more responsibilities than they can handle, leading to stress and burnout.


Accumulating and refusing to get rid of items. Can be for many reasons, such as hanging onto a lost past.

Habitually Interrupting

Constantly cutting people off while they speak, displaying a lack of respect.

Negative Forecasting

Always expecting the worst outcome in various situations, and announcing it.


Sharing personal details or experiences without consideration for people’s boundaries or comfort levels.


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